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Exhibition on the refugee crisis in Brussels

We are pleased to announce our first exhibition! It will be in collaboration with the Medex, the Musée Éphémère de l’Exil (Ephemeral Museum of Exile).

The exhibition will take place at The Lodge, a big art space located in Molenbeek, Brussels, where the Medex is also organizing workshops exhibitions and activities.

Our exhibition will present the works of 4 photographers of the collective : Aurore Belot, Elodie Francart, Marlène Beca and Luigi Scuotto, who captured the refugee crisis all over Europe, from Lesbos and Idomeni in Greece to Calais and Dunkirkin in France.

We will also screen some short films centred around the subject, like ‘En attendant l’avenir‘ by Maxime Kouvaras, a film shot in a refugee center in Belgium in collaboration with youngsters from Belgium and the refugees themselves, and ‘Skipper can I cross?’ by Habiba Boumaâza who volunteered in Lesbos.

The exhibition will be open to the public from the 1st to the 14th of August. More details to follow, stay tuned !

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